Life Unbalanced! The 5 Negative Sides of Too Much Phone Time


What can be more tempting than picking up your phone and getting lost in the digital world made of apps, games, and social networking? Unfortunately, that fun comes with some consequences. Too much phone time often leads to a life unbalanced. Here are the top 5 negative sides of overdoing it with your device.

1. Social Isolation

When you start spending most of your days hovering down the phone, messages, and social media posts, you can easily become an isolated person. Constantly scrolling through the feeds or being engrossed in the virtual gaming world doesn’t give you an opportunity to meet people in person. You soon become a recluse in your own world.

2. Reduced Cognitive Skills

Those who constantly spend time on their phones find themselves being 8% less productive than those who limit themselves to a few hours. The overindulgence leads to reduced cognitive skills, as your brains begin to feel drained and tired. Apart from that, the lack of sleep due to late-night phone use further affects your brainpower.

3. Poor Mental Health

It’s a confirmed fact that too much phone use can have significant effects on your mental health. As you constantly stay connected to the online world, you feel solo and disconnected from the real world. You start comparing yourself to other people and start to feel inferior to them. This leads to poor mental health.

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4. Physically Inactive Life

Physical inactivity is one of the main consequences of too much phone time. You become addicted to the virtual world and have less time for physical activities. This further causes physical strains such as poor posture, aching eyes, and body aches.

5. Sleeping Pattern Disruptions

The blue light emitted from the screens of digital devices is considered to be one of the major causes of poor sleeping habits. It disrupts your sleep cycle by keeping your mind active, even when it’s about time to hit the bed.

As much as having a phone can come in handy and be a great source of entertainment, it’s important to take a step back and remember, it’s only technology. And there 80/20 rule should always be practiced when it comes to using it.

For a healthy life, it’s important to unplug and have some phone-free time every day. This gives you more time with friends and family, uninterrupted sleep, and improved cognitive functioning. So keep the phone usage in check, take breaks, and make sure your life doesn’t end up unbalanced due to too much phone time.

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Be Smart! Stop Staring At Your Screen All Day and Avoid These 5 Negative Effects

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