Experience the Lengths of Earth’s Five Longest Rivers!


It’s commonly known that Earth is the home to an abundance of rivers, nonetheless from long winding rivers, to small rocky streams, what is the world’s longest river? Well, while there isn’t an exact answer, we can narrow it down to five earth’s longest rivers that have been known to impact large areas of the globe and have even been vital to civilizations. Are you ready to dive in and travel the lengths of these mighty waterways?

The Nile

First on our list of earth’s longest rivers is the Nile. This mighty river stretches a total of 4,258 miles from its source in Burundi, Africa to its final stretch of flowing to the Mediterranean Sea. Both the civilizational and geographical influences of the Nile have been felt far and wide, and it’s location is even accurately referred to in the modern line “Egypt’s Gift”. It is also the longest river in the world located in a single country.

The Amazon

Comng in second is the Amazon River stretching over 4,000 miles. It’s located in South America where it has been sending its waters to the Atlantic ocean for millennia, its large stretches provides for a wide array of biodiversity spanning multiple countries and it is part of the biggest rainforest in the world, The Amazon Rainforest. It is the chief artery that communities, ecology and even climate of the region rely on, making it one of the most important rivers in the world.

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The Yangtze

The Yangtze stretches a total of 3,905 miles, making the river the longest river located in China. Much like the previous two entries, this river has been regarded as vital to the civilizations that have existed in and around the river for eons, with its importance being that of trade, agriculture and nutrition. The river even bears proof of its importance in form of the Three Gorges Dam, a large hydroelectricity station built in 1997, that is used by China as a source of energy.

The Mississippi-Missouri

The combined bodies of the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers make for one many sprawling river system, stretching over 3,734 miles and converting it into one of the longest in the world. Located between North America’s United States of America and Canada, it’s influence and importance has been felt even from the ancient times, with it’s influence onto the Native Americans being one of the most prominent.

The Ob-Irtysh

At last but not least, we have the Ob-Irtysh river, stretching out to a total of 3,650 miles making it one of the longest rivers in the world, while in this case, the two rivers are actually interconnected, located between China, Mongolia and Russia, it’s importance to the inhabiting populations has been massive, with it being the main source of water and food supply to the region.

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