Be Smart! Stop Staring At Your Screen All Day and Avoid These 5 Negative Effects


We all are living in a technological era where smartphones, computers, and various other screens have become an integral and inseparable part of our lives. We can’t imagine our routine without our gadget but, unfortunately their long usage affects our emotions and physical health. Research indicates that most people overuse their gadgets and fail to recognize the importance of maintaining a balance in daily life.

This has encouraged us to write this article so that you can understand the consequences of overusing the gadgets and ultimately learn to be smart. We will be discussing the five most detrimental effects that can be caused due to extended use of screens, and finally we will tell you how to avoid them.

Negative Effect #1: Stress

A recent survey reported that people feel more stressed than ever before. The major reason was over usage of gadgets and long time spent in front of the screen for work, video games and social media surfing. Once you are trapped in all this for a long time, you start feeling pressure, which makes it difficult for you to unwind.

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Negative Effect #2: Lack of Motivation

When you are too engaged on the screen, it is difficult for you to think beyond it. You are so attached to the virtual world that you often forget to keep your feet on the ground. It is an open secret that seeing a screen for a long time can drain your enthusiasm for work, which eventually makes you lower in productivity.

Negative Effect #3: Poor Eyesight

We all know that there is nothing which could replace the feeling of working on your computer or typing words on the smartphone, but it affects your eyes the worst. It has been observed that people who use phones and computers long hours in the office get strained eyes and suffer from headaches.

Negative Effect #4: Sleep Issues

Everyone loves watching their favourite movie or playing their beloved games for hours, but it affects your sleep schedule. Usually when people watch the screen for an extended period of time, it elevates the energy levels and thus making it difficult for them to sleep right away.

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Negative Effect #5: Boredom

It is not good to be absorbed in the virtual world too much because it affects your creativity and hinders you from exploring new activities. It actually kills your enthusiasm to do something different, which ultimately results in boredom and disinterest in life.

Tips to Avoid These Negative Effects

There are some smart tips that may help you avoid the above-mentioned negative impacts of staring at the screen for an extended period of time.


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